Some tips to stay safe online:


  • Keep the computer in a room where the whole family can use it.
  • Discuss and set reasonable rules and guidelines for computer use with your children and keep them near the computer as a reminder.
  • Explain to your children that they should NEVER give out personal details (name, address, passwords or email address) or photographs unless you agree to this first.
  • Learn as much as you can about the internet and the services it provides. Try to use and understand the sites your children use and get to know their online friends as you would their other friends.
  • If you children receives emails, attachments or downloaded files from people or organisations they or you don't know or trust, get them to delete them straight away. They may contain viruses or nasty messages.


You may find the following websites useful:


The Tees Wide E Safety Group have produced a leaflet to help parents/carers and children have a better understanding of staying safe online. Follow this link.


With regards to ensuring all children are safeguarded, please click on the following links to read relevant documents/guidance produced by the Department for Education:


Keeping Children Safe in Education, Working Together to Safeguard Children and What to do if You're Worried a Child is Being Abused


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