Barnard Grove Primary School




Meet our Staff...


Leadership and Management


Mr. L. Walker (Headteacher), Mrs. J. Cowie (Deputy Headteacher), Miss C. Smith (Assistant Headteacher) and Mrs. L. Wesson (Assistant Headteacher)


Social Inclusion Manager


Mrs. H. Timothy


Early Years (Team Co-ordinator - Mrs. L. Blair)


Nursery (Mrs. L. Blair), Class 1 (Mrs. Reed) and Class 2 (Mrs. J. Carr and Miss C. Smith)


Key Stage 1 (Team Co-ordinator - Mrs. R. Redshaw)


Class 3 (Mr. R. Whitham), Class 4 (Mr. R. Bradbury) and Class 5 (Mrs. Redshaw)


Lower Key Stage 2 (Team Co-ordinator - Mrs. N. Tones)


Class 6 (Mrs. V. Snelson), Class 7 (Mrs. J. Porritt) and Class 8 (Mrs. N. Tones)


Upper Key Stage 2 (Team Co-ordinator - Mrs. R. Stephenson)


Class 9 (Mrs. D. West), Class 10 (Mr. L. Foster and Mrs. L. Wesson), Class 11 (Mr. J. Law) and Class 12 (Mrs. R. Stephenson)


PE and PPA/Cover Teaching


Mr. C. Weatherill, Miss K. Inglesant and Mrs. G. Tones



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