We believe strongly in forging and maintaining links with other schools in order to benefit our children and develop our staff. As such Barnard Grove belongs to two groups: Family of Schools and ESINH.


Family of Schools

All seven schools in North Hartlepool have formally collaborated and now have a Family of Schools Governor’s committee. There has been a long history of collaboration in this locality. Current pieces of work and successes are cluster moderation and assessment, SENCO and Educational Psychologist brokering sessions and the excellent inter-school athletic events.


ESINH (Extended Services in North Hartlepool)

Linked to the above cluster is an even more formal structure. ESINH is a limited company by guarantee where each head-teacher is a director of the company. This company evolved through the purpose of improving life chances for all residents in the North Hartlepool community.












JAMBO! On moving to our new building it was great to be able to donate some of our old furniture and resources to the FOOTPRINTS school and orphanage in Kenya - we made links with these guys when our very own Mrs. Timothy went there. Happpily, we were able to provide over three truckfuls of the old BGPS, that have slowly made there way to Footprints through Africa. This newsletter from the orphanage shows how much what we consider as old is worth to others.


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