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SCIENCE at Barnard Grove


Science is an important core subject in our school as it provides the foundations for understanding the world. Through building key knowledge, concepts and skills, pupils should be encouraged to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. They should be encouraged to explain what is occurring through conceptual models and practical activities that progressively build a deep understanding of the science curriculum and ‘Working Scientifically’.


At Barnard Grove Primary School our aim is to enthuse, develop and challenge pupils through an engaging and progressively structured science curriculum and teaching approaches where we follow our school science principles that where created with the staff and pupils.


• We are ENGAGED in our learning. It is FUN and MEMORABLE.

• We EXPLORE in practical ‘HANDS ON’ experiments.

• Everyone is INVOLVED, and we work COLLABORATIVELY.

• We are CHALLENGED and made aware of NEXT STEPS.

• We can EXPLAIN using scientific vocabulary.

• We ask QUESTIONS to INVESTIGATE ourselves.

• We use EQUIPMENT and RESOURCES like ‘REAL’ scientists. RECORDING our results in different ways.

• We have VISITORS and go on TRIPS.


Take a look at some of our work on the EXPERIMENTS page.







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