We are currently in the process of further developing our SMSC curriculum based around the key values that we think are important for our children at Barnard Grove. We take pride in the opportunities we give to children in order for them to develop:


*Their own key values and beliefs

*Spiritual awareness

*High standards of behaviour in different situations

*Caring and positive attitudes and relationships

*Understanding traditions and taking a pride in British values

*Appreciating differences and diversity


so what is it and how do you see it at BGPS?



Learning about and using a variety of social skills, that can be used throughout their lives, including; respect, tolerance, co-operation and fostering a sense of community.



*Endeavour to foster a sense of community with common and inclusive values - we do this through home/school agreements, assemblies, school fayres, links with our local church, parental open days, productions, buddying/mentoring systems across age groups and transition projects.

*Raise money for both local and national charities.

*Promote religious, racial and cultural equality.

*Encourage children to work co-operatively - our new curriculum will help us to further develop this, as well as enterprise days, craft fayres and our involvement in Family of Schools events (FoS).

*Encourage children to recognise and respect social differences and similarities; a pride in where they live, different types of families and our learning in RE, English and PSHCE

*Providing opportunity for positive collaborative experiences like elective (off-curricular) weeks, school productions, house captaincies and the school council.

*Constantly developing pupils' personal qualities, which will be valued in society and also give our children the best start for their future lives - this is done through our key values; care, respect, independence etc.

*Helping children to have great aspirations

*Providing children with opportunities to learn about democracy and take a part in democratic processes through our school council and work on elections.

*Giving opportunities for to exercise leadership and responsibility.



Finding out about what is right and wrong, fair and unfair as well as developing understanding, good attitudes and behaviour.



*Have clear behaviour expectations that are consistent throughout the school. We also promote anti-bullying learning, internet safety and our clear Behaviour Policy.

*Clearly promote racial, religious and all other forms of equality.

*Opportunities to explore and develop children's moral values, thinking and questioning throughout the curriculum.

*Developing and maintaining an open and safe learning environment in which pupil's feel safe to ask questions, make mistakes and question thinking.

*Our house points reward good moral and behaviour choices.

*All staff model the principles we wish to see in our own children; fairness, integrity, manners, respect etc. these link to our key values, this is seen in our house points linked to our key values and charity links (FOOTPRINTS).


*Recognition and respect of different cultures represented both in the school and in the local community in RE and PSHCE.

*Encouraging children to take full responsibility for their actions; respect of each other, ourselves and property through our behaviour policy, assemblies including attendance at Crucial Crew events.

*Use of the curriculum to provide moral modelling in various different subjects.



Exploring beliefs, experience and faith, this includes respect, feelings and values as well as reflection and thinking time.



*Follow the RE syllabus for Hartlepool schools - this includes a range of religions; Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity and Sikhism.

*Celebration and recognition of Christian festivals like Harvest, Christmas and Easter.

*Remembrance Day is respected and valued as a whole school - we especially marked the centenary of The Great War.

*Human emotions and feelings are explored and developed in terms of how they impact on others - this is done throughout our curriculum.

*We aim to foster an environment that facilitates growth and respect, we celebrate success and achievement and strive to raise aspirations for all of our children.

*Give children the opportunity to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the world around them through trips and visits.

*Accommodate differences and respect the integrity of all individuals within the school.

*Value all pupils, their thoughts, ideas, concerns and questions.

*Our new curriculum will enable children to make connections between all aspects of their learning whilst giving context to their learning.



Developing values and customs in social, ethnic and national groups that are different to their own experiences and frame of reference.



*Provide opportunity to explore their own cultural values.

*Celebrate attitudes, values and traditions of a diverse range of cultures through our varied and wide curriculum experiences and assemblies.

*Develop partnerships with outside agencies to extend cultural awareness.

*Use Social Media in order to reinforce BGPS' values.


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