Our School Sport Organising Crew are a group of young sports leaders who work as a team to promote, organise and improve sport within our school. Their main roles are:


• Contribute to decisions about sporting activities and sports competition in their school.

• Engage in aspects of school life outside timetabled lessons.

• Air views and have opinions listened to.

• Influence and shape school sport for their peers.

• Assist in the development and planning of ‘their’ Sainsbury’s School Games programme of activities — based on  student voice and need.

• Organise intra-school competitions within their school.

• Be valued and seen as an integral part of the workforce.


Our Sports Crew includes: Will Clapham, Lewin Tubuna, Isabelle Salmons, Ashleigh Weldrake, Jazmyn Williamson, Elise Sharp, Joel Alloub, Jay French, Harrison Dowson & Evie Blair.




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