Barnard Grove Primary School




Meet our Support Staff...


Site Manager


Mr. K. Stainsby


School Administrator


Miss. K. Shears


Office Staff


Mrs. A. Barnes and Mrs. L. Scorer


Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs. K. Bird, Mrs. S. Laybourn, Mrs. C. Leach, Mr. K. McGovern, Mrs. A. Popplewell, Mrs. L. Stuart, Mrs. K. Stainsby, Mrs. K. Crangle and Miss T. Welsh


Breakfast Club


Mrs. S. Laybourn and and Mrs. J. Simpson


Barney's After-School Club


Mrs. J. Archibald and Mrs. V. Howard




Mrs. S. Brown, Mrs. S. Laybourn, Mrs. A. Popplewell, Mrs. J. Pouton, Mrs. J. Simpson, Mrs. K. Stainsby and Mrs. T. Welsh

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